Patrick Jane drinks tea in 6x13

… encouraging his compañeros to taste champurrado and visit his new Airstream; also fulfilling everybody’s wishes… if only Lisbon had accepted his offer.

(* -_・)oOO The yellow mini cup: colorful, lively, gets your attention all the time, and he’s waiting for Lisbon to appear. Future seemed enticing then…The white tea cup: simple, cold and impersonal, almost unnoticed, he’s expecting Fischer. Future is still undecided but not so appealing now… My take on the writer’s subconscious, maybe?

Patrick Jane drinks tea in 6x07
… last time in Lisbon’s office… also in the bullpen, Abbott starts dismantling. Should Jane be worried about it? Noo, of course not, everything’s gonna be ok, and he can keep the smile and finish his t… Ops (#゚Д゚)

So, from that day on, lovely Abbott decides to help bringing happiness back to Jane’s life (by retaining that plate too).